Life Sciences & Health | 19.04.22 | 2 min

Impli – health start-up develops implantable sensors

Impli, the personalized health start-up specializing in developing implantable sensors the size of a grain of rice, has chosen Technopark Lucerne to expand in continental Europe.

Impli develops implantable technologies. Its first product, ImpliCaspian, was the first subdermal implant globally to be released. It is scanned using the Impli mobile application with NFC enabled smartphones. This allows the sharing of one’s critical medical information with emergency providers.

Anna Luisa Schaffgotsch founded Impli in London back in 2019 and expanded to Lucerne in 2022. 

From the UK to Switzerland

In their search for the right place to bring the start-up to the next level, the team looked at Switzerland’s digital health tech clusters. Proximity to the right ecosystem and partners was the key. After visiting the Technopark Lucerne, they found the right place for Impli to grow and expand its international reach. Smolsys, another start-up that chose Technopark Lucerne, specializing in glass encapsulation, is now one of their key partners.

Application in Women’s Fertility

Impli’s now focuses on the development of an implantable with sensing capabilities. Their first application is in the fertility space to better monitor the female going through IVF to reduce the number of cycles needed for a successful pregnancy. Impli has recently been featured in the Octopus Ventures Future of Fertility Report as a “Company to Watch” in the fertility tech space.



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