Central, safe and low-cost living

Those who are at home in the Lucerne region feel good all around. The offers are varied, the costs moderate, the recreational areas close by.

Live where others go on vacation

Living in the canton of Lucerne is very popular. The reasons for this are the central location, the attractive residential areas, the diverse range of offers and the moderate costs for property and rent. Local recreation areas are on the doorstep. Lakes, mountains and vast landscapes make Lucerne unmistakable.

Feel comfortable and free in a safe environment

Security and individual freedom are guaranteed in Lucerne. All people can move safely and freely everywhere and at all times. Children walk to school unaccompanied. The safe environment and the genteel discretion of the population are highly appreciated by many. At the same time, the people of Lucerne are considered very likeable. In a study by the University of St. Gallen, Lucerne was  voted the most popular city in Switzerland.

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