Industry diversity strengthens the economical region

International and national industries have a tradition in the canton of Lucerne. Numerous industries are represented here, attracting skilled workers and expanding the economic network.

The world is at home in Lucerne

Swiss global corporations such as Schindler, Emmi, Schurter and Komax are based in the canton of Lucerne, as are international companies. Cost advantages in the areas of workforce and rent, low corporate taxes, a multilingual and loyal labor force, and the high quality of life make the canton of Lucerne a sought-after company location.

Information Technologies (ICT)

ICT are key technologies for the Swiss economy. Lucerne has an excellent starting position thanks to innovation, adaptability and ICT expertise.

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Headquarters/Central Functions

Lucerne enjoys a global reputation. Numerous international companies have their headquarters here or operate their service centers from Lucerne and control important parts of their international value chain from Lucerne.

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Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing is of great importance in the canton of Lucerne. Renowned Lucerne technology companies have been operating successfully worldwide for decades. Customers from numerous countries trust in Swiss precision technology “made in Lucerne”. 

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Life Sciences

Life sciences, medical technology, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology are supporting pillars of the Swiss export economy and one of the fastest-growing industries. The canton of Lucerne has developed into an attractive location for international life sciences companies.

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Construction/Real Estate Industry

High reputation and a strong presence in architecture and construction are a trademark of Lucerne. Many star architects have made impressive marks in the canton of Lucerne. Together with resident companies, the construction and real estate industry has become a promoter of sustainable construction. 

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Financial Industry/Insurance

Switzerland is one of the world’s leading financial centers. Lucerne is home to the headquarters and regional offices of long-established banks and insurance companies.

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Food industry

In the Lucerne region, numerous food products are produced, bottled, packaged and exported all over the world. Emmi is the largest dairy producer in Switzerland and one of the most important employers in the canton.

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