Silvan Küng
Relish Brothers AG


«We assure Swiss precision and quality of each guitar that leaves our workshop in Sempach Station near Lucerne in Switzerland. Our te...


Erny Niederberger
Swisens AG

Support in the search for funding

«Lucerne Business helped us to find a pre-seed financing for our start-up. Thanks to them, we have found a foundation that supports us qu...


Peter Ruppeiner

CleanTech Innovation from Lucerne

«Lucerne, in the centre of Switzerland, is increasingly becoming a hotspot for personalities with innovative ideas and start-ups....


Beat Struchen
AMAG Automobil und Motoren AG

Strong company in a strong region

«Lucerne is of great importance to the AMAG Group. It has been at home in this strong economic region for many years and operates...


Ed Cullen
Swisslinx AG

Access to outstanding professionals

«In Lucerne, you have access to a broad pool of outstanding professionals in the various disciplines and functions of the life scienc...


Paul Note
Geistlich Pharma AG

We serve the entire world from our base in Lucerne.

«Lucerne is our home. Here we have centrally organized our research and development, production, marketing and sales. We serve the en...


Dr. Dieter Hubmann
Fresenius Kabi (Schweiz) AG

Lucerne offers the best prospects for the future

«Lucerne Business has given us active support in the search for a new location for our growing company. Lucerne as a business location...


Ans Heirman
MSD Schweiz

We appreciate the high stability and the central location here.

Lucerne offers as a growing environment for the biopharmaceutical industry as well as the high stability of a central location in...


John Langford
Aurora Swiss Aerospace GmbH

Drone Capital of Europe

«Switzerland is now the drone capital of Europe! Aurora Swiss Aerospace has found great engineers from all over Europe for its R&D ce...


Colin Tivendale
Swisslinx AG

Strong market for tech and digital professionals

«Lucerne offers a very strong market for tech and digital professionals. A carefully nurtured combination of strong educational faci...


Fabian Peter
Kanton Luzern

Lucerne grasps the opportunities of the future!

«The broadly diversified economy of the canton of Lucerne is grasping the opportunities of the economic upheaval and mastering it...


Patrick Sommer
Frey+Cie Elektro AG

We feel at home here

«Our hearts have been beating for Lucerne as a business location for over 100 years. We feel at home here and are convinced of the po...


Manuel Sieger
Granol AG

Connected to the most important economic centers

«Thanks to the optimal location on the A2 freeway, we are on the main artery of European transit traffic and are thus directly connec...


Bernard Lukey
Yandex Europe AG

We could attract the right talents

«We did choose Lucerne for its business friendliness in central location in Switzerland as well as in Europe. We could attract the ri...


Evelyn Kiepas
AMTec Swiss AG

The good accessibility is a decisive advantage

«Lucerne is so centrally located, and the transport links are brilliant. Whether by public transport or car, you can quickly be in G...


Makoto Nakao
GC International AG

Smile for the World

«The Swiss medical industries are world class. Lucerne has conviced us by offering top infrastructure, excellent education, security and...


Clemens Iller
Swiss Steel Group

Best location for our headquarters

«We thank Lucerne Business for their dedicated and professional support during the evaluation process of the best location for our he...


André Widmer
WAREMA Schweiz GmbH

Central located

«In 2007, we chose Lucerne as our site because geographically it's centrally located and ensures short distances to our customers.»


Thomas Hefti, Ph. D.
Novocure GmbH

We have the flexibility to quickly expand our business

«In Root, Lucerne, we found the ideal base for our operations in Europe. We have the flexibility to quickly expand our business by a...


Ueli Jost
Veriset AG

Where life plays – the kitchen. Made in Lucerne.

«We believe in Switzerland as a production location and are investing in the long term in a modern infrastructure that can be seen wor...


Tim Dawson-Townsend
Aurora Swiss Aerospace GmbH

Natural beauty, local resources, and cultural life

«Luzern is a great location for us. The combination of natural beauty, local resources, and cultural life helps us attract and retain...


Franz Escherich
MSD Schweiz

We are pleased that we are so well receive.

«The Swiss subsidiary of MSD Merck Sharpe & Dohme AG was founded in Lucerne in 1963. Our strong growth led to expansion and thus to...


Eser Avunduk
Acemar AG

Switzerland is the centre of commodity trading

«As Acemar Group, we decided to move our head office from Istanbul to Lucerne in the beginning of 2016 mainly because of three factor...


Esther Cahn
Signifikant Solutions AG

Good cooperation between the various organizations in the Lucerne startup environment

«Lucerne Business was able to answer all my questions concerning Lucerne as a possible location for my company and - in addition to...


Paul Bucher
Schär Druckverarbeitung AG

We can serve customers from all over Switzerland centrally

«During our search for a suitable location we were able to look for available plots on the internet portal of Lucerne Business. With...


Adrian Steiner
Thermoplan AG

We benefit from highly trained professionals

«We are convinced of the economic region of Lucerne and benefit both from an attractive area and from highly trained professionals. Lucerne Bus...