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Establish a company in Lucerne – it’s that easy. 
We show you how to proceed in the right and efficient way.

4 reasons why Lucerne is the right choice for your company

Perfect framework conditions

Perfect framework conditions

Political stability, liberal legislation, anonymity of investors, low taxes, no corruption - this makes setting up a company in Lucerne internationally attractive.

Global top position

Global top position

You are fully in line with the trend if you set up a company in Lucerne as a foreigner. Switzerland is considered the most attractive company location worldwide.  

Highest growth rate

Highest growth rate

Many have already made the move to Lucerne. The canton of Lucerne has recorded the highest growth rate of newly founded companies in Switzerland for several years. 

Foundation on the fly

Foundation on the fly

If all requirements are met, a company formation in Lucerne takes two to three weeks. Thanks to the express procedure, a company can be entered in the commercial register within around five days.

There are no specific restrictions for foreign companies in Switzerland. However, all legal forms require a person domiciled in Switzerland. It is also sufficient if at least one foreign person resident in Switzerland acts as a corporate body. 

The four most common legal forms are:

  1. Limited liability company (GmbH; minimum capital CHF 20’000.–)
  2. Limited company (AG; minimum capital CHF 100’000.–)
  3. Sole proprietorship (no specifications)
  4. General partnership
  • Limited liability company (GmbH): CHF 1230.– to 2000.–
  • Limited company (AG): CHF 1750.– to 3000.–
  • Sole proprietorship: CHF 500.– to 900.–
  • General partnership: CHF 300.– to 900.–

We recommend that you have your business formed by a trustee or attorney:

  • Costs of company formation by trustee or lawyer: CHF 3000.‒ to 4000.‒
  • Auditor’s certificate, formation documents as well as agreement on contributions in kind in the case of formation of an AG or GmbH: around CHF 1000.‒

Other expenses:

  • Employment contracts: CHF 250.– to 750.–
  • General Terms and Conditions (GTC): CHF 300.– to 1000.–
  • Shareholders’ Agreement: CHF 950.– to 2000.–
  • Trademark protection: CHF 300.– to 1000.–  

We enable foreign companies an easy and stress-free start in Lucerne. If you register your company in Lucerne, we offer you a free coworking space including domicile address for the first three months.

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Do you have questions about setting up a company? I will be happy to support you.

Mathias Lischer
Head of Promotion & FDI

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