First class location in the middle of Switzerland

Welcome to the heart of Europe and to the heart of Switzerland. Optimal transport connections and economic networking make Lucerne the ideal company location.

Lucerne – maximum central

Lucerne is located in the middle of Switzerland and is part of the Zurich metropolitan area, the strongest economic region in Switzerland.

Thanks to an excellently developed transport system, the Lucerne economic region is easily accessible from all directions.

Switzerland – in the middle of Europe

Switzerland, with its four national languages and cultures (German, French, Italian, Romansh), is an established and successful business location in the heard of Europe. Thanks to its multilingualism and geographical location, it offers excellent access to the consumer market in Europe. Within a radius of 500 km around Lucerne, 67% of the GDP of the Eurozone is generated.

Switzerland is closely linked to the EU

The European Union is Switzerland’s most important trading partner.

Through the bilateral agreements, Switzerland is fully integrated into the EU market with its approximately 500 million consumers. Free trade agreements with over 40 countries worldwide complement the economic network. Agreements with all major industrialized nations guarantee that companies are only taxed in one country.

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