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«Work in Lucerne» – web platform

The promotional website «» aims to attract workers and specialists from Switzerland and abroad to the Lucerne economic region. The helpful information supports Lucerne companies in the recruitment process.

Job market with specialists

In the Lucerne region and in Central Switzerland you will find around 1 million active employees. The potential job market is not limited to Switzerland. We bring desired professionals from all over Europe to Lucerne.

Attractive for professionals from all over the world

Switzerland is a magnet for qualified professionals from all over the world. Companies in the canton of Lucerne have the opportunity to recruit employees from all over the world thanks to the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons with the EU and the available permits for employees from other countries.

Work and residence permit

The canton of Lucerne has sufficient quotas for skilled workers from abroad. In the procedure for work and residence permits, different requirements apply to citizens from EU/EFTA states and citizens from non-EU/EFTA states (third countries). Information on the requirements and the process of the permit procedure can be found here.

Support from recruiters

We connect you with recruitment specialists from our network. You search for and select technical and management specialists.

Voices from the business community

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Head of Promotion & FDI

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