09.12.22 | 4 min

*zünder accelerator - review and outlook

On 11 November 2022, the *zünder inspirience day took place in the event location Viscosistadt in Emmenbrücke. In the afternoon, the focus was on the...


Sustainability | 30.11.22 | 4 min

Sustainability: Leading by example

No action is no longer an option. Where is this more important than in sustainability? Lucerne companies are aware of the relevance of the topic and ar...


07.10.22 | 2 min

When companies consider Switzerland: they should think “high value” (not high cost)!

The North American representative for the economic region of Lucerne, Switzerland speaks with the Swiss Ambassador of the New York Consulate to discuss “Why...


Sustainability | 27.09.22 | 5 min

Interview with Claudio Nold, Location Manager Kriens

There was positive news from Kriens in mid-July: ANDRITZ HYDRO AG's business is going well, new employees are being recruited constantly, and hydropower is bo...


Advanced Manufacturing | 07.09.22 | 5 min

Quality packaging "made in Entlebuch"

On March 30, 2022, a world first will be presented at the "Empack" packaging trade fair in Zurich: Ecopack from KISTAG. It is the world's first climate-neut...


24.06.22 | 4 min

Shortage of skilled workers as the greatest risk

The conversations with entrepreneurs in the canton of Lucerne make it clear that the statistics provide the appropriate facts and figures: The shortage of sk...


07.06.22 | 2 min

Launch of the national Swiss initiative «Home of Blockchain»

The financial industry is facing a major transformation. On the one hand, this is a major challenge, but on the other hand, these changes also offer gr...


05.06.22 | 4 min

In conversation with Martin Becker, CEO KNF Group

KNF is a global leader in the development, design, production and distribution of diaphragm pumps for handling gases and liquids. The company employs...


ICT & New Work | 02.05.22 | 2 min.

LAC² - the new AI Hub in Central Switzerland

LAC² - the first real AI Hub in Central Switzerland has just been launched and offers interested individuals and companies access to technology, helps with...


ICT & New Work | 29.04.22 | 3 min

Axon Vibe featured in Infrastructure Report by Swiss Business Hub USA

The Lucerne-based smart mobility developer was selected as a prime example of how a Swiss company successfully entered the US market.


27.04.22 | 2 min

Q&A Interview with new Managing Director of Aurora Swiss Aerospace

Sonia Berube-Ray has recently been onboarded as the new managing director for Aurora Swiss Aerospace, the Swiss subsidiary and European Headquarters fo...


Life Sciences & Health | 19.04.22 | 2 min

Impli – health start-up develops implantable sensors

Impli, the personalized health start-up specializing in developing implantable sensors the size of a grain of rice, has chosen Technopark Lucerne to ex...

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