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thyssenkrupp Materials Services GmbH

24.06.22 | 2 min

Aircraft set for takeoff with Lucerne green steel

Lucerne/Essen - As of 2023, Swiss Steel Group of Lucerne will exclusively supply green steel to thyssenkrupp Aerospace. Green steel is characterized by...

Eva Pujol/Haelixa

24.06.22 | 2 min

Haelixa and Nettle Circle make nettle fibers traceable

Kemptthal/Oberkirch - Haelixa and Nettle Circle have agreed a strategic partnership. This will involve Haelixa using its innovative DNA tracer to mark net...

WeArePepper/Hug AG

24.06.22 | 2 min

Hug inaugurates climate-neutral bakery

Malters - Hug has opened one of Switzerland’s most modern, energy-efficient production centers for baked goods in Malters in the canton of Lucerne. The...

ewl Energie Wasser Luzern

21.06.22 | 3 min

Carbon neutral data center opened by ewl underground

Lucerne - Energie Wasser Luzern (ewl) has opened a sustainable data center in an underground bunker. It offers maximum security and aims to be carbon-neutral...


21.06.22 | 2 min

Winning project named for the Reussbühl West district

Lucerne - The project “Habitat – Quartier im Hain” has emerged victorious for the study contract in connection with the Reussbühl West district of Lucern...


17.06.22 | 2 min

CPH forecasting higher profit

Perlen - The CPH Group is expecting a stronger first half-year than previously forecast. With its three business divisions of Chemistry, Paper and Packag...


14.06.22 | 2 min

RegioFair and Rigitrac receive environmental award

Lucerne - The Albert Koechlin Foundation has announced two winners for its environmental award: the organic, fair-trade food retailer RegioFair Agrovision Z...


10.06.22 | 1 min

ITEN turns to Essemtec solution

Aesch/Dardilly - The French company ITEN is using the FOX system developed by Essemtec to manufacture its microbatteries. Accuracy, repeatability and...

Christoph Arnet, arnetfotografik

08.06.22 | 5 min

Swiss "renovate" the Internet and have a head start on data ethics

Suzanne Thoma (CEO BKW, Verwaltungsratspräsidentin Sulzer), Marc Schürmann (Executive Vice President Komax Wire Processing), Peter Delfosse (CEO Axon...

Geistlich Pharma

Life Sciences & Health | 08.06.22 | 3 min

Geistlich Pharma expanding in Wolhusen

Wolhusen - Geistlich Pharma is expanding its research and production site in Wolhusen in the canton of Lucerne. In the first stage, the international...


ICT & New Work | 08.06.22 | 3 min

Job stories to replace text job ads

Horw - Jobeagle has developed a digital job platform that works a little like social media. Instead of a written job ad, company and position are advertis...

Alexander Sinn/Unsplash

03.06.22 | 2 min

Evismo and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts research heart health

Zurich/Lucerne - Innosuisse is making the launch of a project on the early detection of heart rhythm disturbances possible with 1.15 million Swiss francs...


01.06.22 | 2 min

SHL takes on World Tourism Forum Lucerne

Lucerne - The SHL Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern is the new owner of the World Tourism Forum Lucerne brand. SHL will use the brand to expand its...

B. Braun Medical AG

31.05.22 | 2 min

B. Braun investing in Escholzmatt

Sempach - High demand for surgical instruments saw sales rise at B. Braun Medical AG in 2021. The company manufactures these products at its location...

Visualisation: PD

25.05.22 | 3 min

Planning for burnout clinic in Vitznau enters next round

Vitznau - The plans for a new health center in Gruebisbalm near Vitznau in the canton of Lucerne have been comprehensively revised following concerns...

Siemens Schweiz AG

20.05.22 | 5 min

Duo of young Lucerne-based researchers claims Siemens Excellence Award 19. Mai 2022

Zurich/Lucerne - Patrick Heller and Lorenz Rüegsegger have been name as the winners of the Excellence Award from Siemens Switzerland. The duo of young rese...

Competec Logistik AG

20.05.22 | 2 min

Competec to make renewed investment in Willisau

Willisau/Mägenwil - When it comes to expansion plans, Competec is refusing to rest on its laurels: Having only presented its new building in Willisau...

Wirtschaftsförderung Luzern

19.05.22 | 5 min

Annual report 2021 - only german

A look back at the year 2021 is worthwhile: Lucerne as a business region was in demand. Ambitious entrepreneurs have taken on new projects and numerous compa...


19.05.22 | 3 min

Calida acquires premium brand Cosabella

Oberkirch/Miami - Calida is integrating the profitable premium brand Cosabella with headquarters in Miami into its holding company. With this, the Lucern...

Studhalter, Fotografie BR, studhalter.org/tts GmbH

18.05.22 | 2 min

Luzerner Kantonalbank places trust in vestr

Lucerne/Zug - Luzerner Kantonalbank (LUKB) is enhancing its business with a digital platform for actively managed certificates. LUKB has partnered with Z...

sun2wheel AG

17.05.22 | 1 min

Energy start-ups join forces

Kriens/Muri - The start-ups sun2wheel and Solar Manager are collaborating in the field of electromobility and the optimization of private consumption...


16.05.22 | 2 min

Venture Club Central Switzerland seeking to support start-ups

Lucerne/Root - Venture Club Central Switzerland is being formed in the canton of Lucerne. With the Technopark Luzern, the Business Angels Switzerland...

Renggli AG

Building Technology | 13.05.22 | 2 min

Renggli expands in Germany

Sursee/LU / Eberswalde - Renggli Deutschland GmbH is building a wooden module factory in Eberswalde near to Berlin. The joint venture between Renggli...


13.05.22 | 3 min

Albert Koechlin Foundation promotes social cohesion

Lucerne - The Albert Koechlin Foundation has selected six projects that it will support for three years with its piiik funding program. This fosters in...

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