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Life Sciences & Health | 23.03.23 | 2 min

Novocure announces grants for cancer research

Root - Novocure in the canton of Lucerne and the American Association for Cancer Research are awarding cancer research grants for the fifth time. They wil...


Building Technology | 22.03.23 | 2 min

Luucy provides new version of 3D program for planners

Lucerne/Schlieren - The Lucerne-based startup Luucy has launched the next generation of its platform with the same name. The 3D program for planners is...


21.03.23 | 3 min

More tax rate reductions than increases

Lucerne - Overall, 10 municipalities have lowered their tax rate for the current tax year, while 2 have increased it. The majority of the 80 municipalities in...


Sustainability | 20.03.23 | 2 min

City of Lucerne wants to heat entirely with renewable energy

Lucerne - The city of Lucerne is planning to convert its heat supply to 100 percent renewable energy. Public buildings are to be supplied with the new en...


Headquarters | 13.03.23 | 2 min

New Pistor logistics facility gets the green light

Rothenburg - The bakery and catering supplier Pistor has been given the green light to expand its headquarters in Rothenburg in the canton of Lucerne. Local r...


Innovation | 13.03.23 | 2 min

tüftelPark Rigi organizing second camp for inventors

Weggis - The association tüftelPark Rigi, which was founded in January, is organizing a second tüftelCamp during the Easter holidays. The aim of the ca...



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Sustainability | 10.03.23 | 2 min

Albert Koechlin Foundation supporting the acquisition of e-cargo bikes

Lucerne - The Albert Koechlin Foundation is again supporting companies in the acquisition of electric cargo bikes as part of its “clever unterwegs” proj...


Headquarters | 09.03.23 | 2 min

Veriset welcomes Mujinga Kambundji

Root - Veriset has gained Mujinga Kambundji as a brand ambassador. The world and European sprint champion should provide an emotional boost to products from...


Headquarters | 06.03.23 | 2 min

Calida achieves new sales record

Sursee - The Calida Group has closed financial year 2022 with record sales. The textiles firm, which owns both the CALIDA and Aubade brands as well as t...


Sustainability | 01.03.23 | 2 min

TCS partners with sun2wheel in e-mobility

Geneva/Obernau LU - Touring Club Switzerland (TCS) has acquired a minority stake in the startup sun2wheel from the canton of Lucerne. With this investment,...


23.02.23 | 2 min

Insurance broker Neutrass expands in Central Switzerland

Sursee/Rotkreuz - The independent insurance broker Neutrass is acquiring Finas Broker AG in Sursee in the canton of Lucerne. This will make Neutrass on...


14.02.23 | 2 min

Foxtrail expanding to Canada

Lucerne/Vancouver - The Lucerne-based company Foxtrail is now offering its first two Canadian trails in Vancouver. On the back of recent expansions in P...


10.02.23 | 2 min

Digital experts examine gemstones

Lucerne/Neuchâtel - At Gübelin Gem Lab in Lucerne, specialists are now being supported by a digital expert when assessing gemstones. The artificial inte...


09.02.23 | 2 min

SCION Association hopes to establish alternative internet architecture

Zurich/Lucerne - The newly in Lucerne founded SCION Association aims to establish SCION as an alternative to the current internet standard. The technology,...


Innovation | Sustainability | Headquarters | Advanced Manufacturing | 08.02.23 | 5 min

Migros and Schindler test LOXO’s self-driving delivery vehicles

Zurich/Ebikon LU/Bern - Migros and Schindler are testing self-driving delivery vehicles created by the Bern startup LOXO. The Migronomous delivery servic...


Headquarters | Life Sciences & Health | 06.02.23 | 2 min

Japanese GC Group now being managed from Lucerne

Lucerne/Tokyo - The GC Group, a specialist in the area of dental products, is moving the heart of the business from its previous headquarters in Tokyo to L...


Innovation | 06.02.23 | 2 min

Festival organized to mark opening of new concert hall in Vitznau

Vitznau - The new underground Chamber Music Hall in Vitznau, which has come at a cost of 35 million Swiss francs, is to be officially opened with a thre...


Innovation | 03.02.23 | 2 min

Avidii publishes solutions to exam questions

Kastanienbaum/LU - Avidii provides solutions and explanatory videos online for all tasks and questions featured in grammar school entry exams over the pa...


Sustainability | 02.02.23 | 3 min

Central Swiss players networking for Agenda 2030

Lucerne - More than 100 participants have discussed the opportunities and obstacles to Switzerland’s climate goals at the second symposium of the Nachhalt...


Innovation | 01.02.23 | 2 min

Venture Club Central Switzerland and partners present startups and scale-ups

Root - Venture Club Central Switzerland, Technopark Luzern, Business Angels Switzerland and Smart-up are hosting the second VCI & BAS Dinner on 8 February...


Sustainability | Headquarters | 31.01.23 | 2 min

SeetalSolar becomes first member of the Swiss Solar Group

Retschwil/Kägiswil/Zurich - The two Swiss investment firms moyreal holding and blue8 have invested in SeetalSolar. The photovoltaic specialist from the...


Innovation | 31.01.23 | 2 min

Cantonal banks support *zünder accelerator program

Horw - The cantonal banks of Lucerne, Nidwalden, Obwalden, Schwyz, Uri and Zug have come together as the main sponsors of the *zünder accelerator program....


Sustainability | Advanced Manufacturing | 24.01.23 | 2 min

Unique skis developed by Swiss Massiv are recyclable

Doppleschwand - The ski factory Swiss Massiv manufactures skis made from wood, bamboo and aluminum laminate that are 80 percent recyclable. The flexible bam...


24.01.23 | 2 min

Jörg Lienert AG completes generational handover

Lucerne - Jörg Lienert has handed over control of his eponymous company for personnel consulting to his son Tobias. In the 40th year after the company was fo...

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