27.04.22 | 2 min

Q&A Interview with new Managing Director of Aurora Swiss Aerospace

Sonia Berube-Ray has recently been onboarded as the new managing director for Aurora Swiss Aerospace, the Swiss subsidiary and European Headquarters for BOEING's Aurora Flight Sciences.

The aerospace enthusiast opened up in an interview with Eszter Kovacs, CEO of DroneTalks, on various topics including:

  • Why Sonia Berube-Ray chose to join the Aurora Flight Sciences team
  • Her newfound excitement in working in uncrewed aviation
  • Why Switzerland and Lucerne are at the forefront of innovation in the unmanned systems sector

Learn more about Sonia by reading the full interview.

Aurora Flight Sciences is a leading innovator in the field of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and has been developing UAS systems and drone technology since 1989 with its headquarters in Manassas, Virginia. Aurora Flight Sciences is now a member of the BOEING family and opened «Aurora Swiss Aerospace» in Lucerne for its European Headquarters in 2014. BOEING’s Aurora has partnered with big names including Uber (2017), Porsche (2019) and most recently with GE Aviation (2022).

--> website link: https://www.aurora.aero/.  

DroneTalks is a leading online educational platform focused on sharing the latest in the drone / unmanned systems ecosystem.

Aurora Swiss Aerospace


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