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Sustainability: Leading by example

No action is no longer an option. Where is this more important than in sustainability? Lucerne companies are aware of the relevance of the topic and are setting a good example.

It is on everyone's lips: the importance of sustainability. The current crisis has accentuated its development in recent months. There is a consensus: a modern company should invest in sustainability. This is being demanded more and more actively in companies – internally as well as from the external network. Customers, but also the own employees, expect companies to act sustainably. This has a lot to do with identification: More and more people consider it important to work for a company that complies with climate targets.

A plus for companies

For companies, sustainability is a great asset in various respects: Those who operate sustainably are less dependent on fossil fuels, gas, and electricity. Even if the switch is often associated with high capital costs, these are not a central argument against sustainability. On the contrary, investments in sustainability usually pay off in the longer term. This can be seen very clearly currently with the expensive energy prices. Creativity is needed in implementation. A positive side effect: Sustainability goes hand in hand with innovation, as new methods need to be developed to become sustainable.  

Support from Lucerne Business

As Lucerne Business, we are aware of innovative and sustainable projects from Lucerne companies. This year's New Entrepreneur Award was won by the young company Impact Acoustic AG, based in Lucerne. The startup develops acoustic products from old plastic bottles. Kistag Dekopack AG from Schüpfheim in Entlebuch has developed "Ecopack”, the world's first climate-neutral wooden packaging. Emmi's new cheese dairy is virtually water-neutral thanks to the latest water-saving technologies. In addition, the milk processor is the first Swiss private company to commission an industrially used solar thermal plant. And the HUG family's new bakery in Malters operates on a climate-neutral basis. Therefore, I am pleased to note that Lucerne's companies are implementing sustainability in their actions. I am convinced, that investments in sustainability will continue to increase strongly. As Lucerne Business, we are happy to help ensure that various small to large projects can be implemented by Lucerne companies. To this end, we cooperate, for example, with NELU or the Sustainability Network Central Switzerland.

We are always interested in including good examples from Lucerne's business community in our communication to show what entrepreneurial initiatives exist. In this way, further companies can be motivated. In addition, we support innovative startups, be it with the business plan or with financing.

The inauguration of the sustainable Emmi cheese dairy in Emmen, September 9, 2022. 
Image source: Emmi AG

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