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Trusted GmbH: Accelerate innovation and promote knowledge transfer

The landscape of startups developing new technologies is vast. So is the number of companies in search of innovations. But the pot doesn’t always find its matching lid. Trusted GmbH, a company from Japan that recently settled in Root, offers a solution.

«Accelerate innovation: This is the goal of Trusted GmbH, which has taken up residence in October 2021 at Technopark Lucerne in the D4 Business Village in Root. The guiding principle is the vision of an open society whose quality of life is improved by innovations. In reality, however, the implementation of innovations is often slow. For innovation to come about at all, new technologies have to be found by the right companies. Startups, however, often have too few resources to even make their technologies and brand known. Conversely, companies in search of innovation often can’t see the forest for the trees. Trusted has developed a solution to ensure that suitable candidates meet and are matched. 

Trusted connects companies with suitable startups to create a functioning partnership. Around this topic, Trusted offers a wide range of services. The most important basis is «Innovation planning»: In close cooperation with the customer, Trusted develops an individual strategy for the integration of new technologies. The customer is accompanied from project planning to implementation of the new technology. Trusted thus offers its customers a unique solution tailored to their needs. A key tool for this is the “Startup Finder”, an e-platform containing several thousand newly developed technologies. More are being added continuously. The Trusted GmbH team produces a short video for each one so that the customer can get an accurate picture. The “Data manager”, a database management system, guarantees that customized technologies are continuously proposed to the customer. 

Innovation through knowledge transfer
«Tech-Sharing» is an additional area that Trusted wants to expand. This addresses companies that own a large number of patents but only use a fraction of them. Trusted helps create user agreements with other companies, creating win-win situations: Good ideas and technologies are not only produced for the filing cabinet, but also used. Consequently, «tech sharing» is another path toward a society in which innovation is fostered through knowledge transfer. 

Optimal location in the canton of Lucerne
Until recently, the entire Trusted team was located in Tokyo. «Trusted Corporation» was founded in July 2016 by Fariza Abidova and Michele de Luca. With Dirk Hermans, Day-1-investor and Managing Director Europe, the company started as Trusted GmbH in the canton of Lucerne. The headquarters in Lucerne is intended to help bring Japanese companies closer to the European startup market. But the opposite approach is also being pursued: European companies are to be guided to suitable Japanese startups with the support of Trusted. 

Why the decision for the business location Lucerne? Dirk Hermans cites the business-friendly environment as the decisive factor. The central location in the heart of Switzerland and the low corporate taxes were other important reasons. And last but not least, the Technopark Lucerne in Root: With countless startups leased in, this offers the perfect environment for setting up a business in Switzerland. 

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