07.10.22 | 2 min

When companies consider Switzerland: they should think “high value” (not high cost)!

The North American representative for the economic region of Lucerne, Switzerland speaks with the Swiss Ambassador of the New York Consulate to discuss “Why Switzerland? Why Lucerne?”

In her one-on-one interview with the Swiss Commercial Ambassador Markus Boerlin, Michelle Abboud challenges the not uncommon view that Switzerland is an “expensive” business location. Instead, she makes a compelling case for Switzerland as a High Value business destination. Using a recent experience of a US unmanned systems technology company in Lucerne, Michelle invites us to leverage the inherent cost efficiencies over other European countries.

If you’re curious to know why Michelle describes Lucerne as a “hidden gem” in one of the most sophisticated economies of the world, this interview shares Lucerne’s and Switzerland’s strengths. 

In closing, Michelle passionately exclaims, “Switzerland offers businesses a ‘great package’ and Lucerne knows how to deliver it!”

This interview is part of the Swiss Consulate of New York’s highly reputed "Chat with the Ambassador" series. Watch the entire interview below.