03.05.2024 | Sustainability | Reading-time: 2 min

Campus Sursee event hall awarded the Swiss Timber label

Sursee - The new Campus Sursee event hall has been constructed using more than 90 percent Swiss timber. In recognition of using this renewable raw material in its construction project, the event hall has become one of the few educational centers to be awarded the Swiss Timber label by Lignum.

The wood industry association Lignum has bestowed the Swiss Timber label on the Campus Sursee event hall, a newly constructed building located in the canton of Lucerne. As the umbrella organization of the forestry and timber industry of Central Switzerland reports, wood is an excellent choice for constructing buildings because of its low material weight, high load-bearing capacity and positive impact on the indoor climate.

Not very many educational institutions have chosen to build with wood. “It is not often that a leading training center for professionals in the construction industry opts to build with wood, thereby exploiting the countless advantages of this renewable raw material”, comments Melanie Brunner, Managing Director of Lignum Holzwirtschaft Zentralschweiz, in the press release. It is a genuine honor, she states, to be able to award this label to a building with such enormous appeal. The advantages of wood as a building material are synonymous with securing jobs in the region, reducing gray energy and environmentally friendly management of forests. In total, 217 cubic meters of wood were used to build the event hall. The timber frame and hollow box elements are made from 92.3 percent Swiss wood. This allows 159 tons of the greenhouse gas CO2 to be captured and bound in the building.

Lignum awards the Swiss Timber label in recognition of wood grown in Swiss or Liechtenstein forests or otherwise processed in Switzerland or Liechtenstein. The label appears on both the product itself and accompanying documentation.