20.05.2022 | Reading-time: 5 min

Duo of young Lucerne-based researchers claims Siemens Excellence Award 19. Mai 2022

Zurich/Lucerne - Patrick Heller and Lorenz Rüegsegger have been name as the winners of the Excellence Award from Siemens Switzerland. The duo of young researchers from HSLU developed a system for the decentralized treatment of domestic hot water that offers high energy saving potential.

The Siemens Excellence Award, which comes with prize money in the amount of 10,000 Swiss francs, has this year gone to two graduates from the Building Technologies degree program at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU), Siemens Switzerland writes in a press release. Patrick Heller and Lorenz Rüegsegger were honored for their bachelor thesis entitled “Optimal control for a new type of decentralized latent storage module in an apartment building”. For this, the two young researchers from Lucerne developed a system for decentralized domestic hot water treatment in cooperation with the Bern-based BMS Energietechnik AG. To this end, a fresh water station is operated by a decentralized heat pump, which draws its evaporation energy from the heating circuit in winter and from the room heating during the summer months.

“The system offers huge potential for energy savings and should be used in the long term for new buildings within the residential sector”, explains Siemens Switzerland in the press release. The young researchers’ development is “scalable on both a national and international level and therefore also represents a promising approach from an economic point of view”, the press release states further. It was also important for the jury that the project be continued together with the industrial partner.

“With the Excellence Award, our aim is to motivate young people to get to grips with scientific topics that can be implemented in practice”, comments Gerd Scheller, Country CEO of Siemens Switzerland, in the press release. The award is part of Siemens' Generation 21 training program, which seeks to promote budding talent in the areas of natural sciences and technology.