07.04.2022 | Life Sciences & Health | Reading-time: 2 min

Geistlich Pharma markets OrthoPure in Italy

Wolhusen/Schlieren - Geistlich Pharma from the canton of Lucerne is assuming distribution of the OrthoPure XT tissue device for the treatment of cruciate ligament injuries in Italy. Geistlich Biomaterials Italia has entered into an exclusive agreement with Tissue Regenix.

Geistlich Pharma is adding Tissue Regenix’s OrthoPure XT tissue device, which is used to treat cruciate ligament injuries, into its sports medicine portfolio. According to a press release, the distribution company Geistlich Biomaterials Italia has entered into an exclusive sales agreement with the manufacturer Tissue Regenix. Tissue Regenix is a leading medical technology company in the field of regenerative medicine with headquarters in Leeds in the United Kingdom.

The multi-year sales agreement currently covers the Italian market, but also has the potential to be expanded to other markets according to the press release. As part of the agreement, Geistlich has committed to driving forward clinical research regarding the OrthoPure XT, which will be conducted at leading institutions and clinics in Italy.

According to the press release, OrthoPure XT does away with the need for surgery. Pain is reduced and recovery can be achieved more rapidly. The product builds on the company’s biomechanical tissue device, which creates the conditions for cellular repopulation and potential regeneration. It is created using animal tendon tissue. OrthoPure XT was launched on the market in December 2020. This promises great potential given the estimated 1.5 million reconstructions of the anterior cruciate ligament performed worldwide every year.

Geistlich Pharma has headquarters in the canton of Lucerne and is part of Geistlich Holding, which is headquartered in Schlieren in the canton of Zurich. 

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