11.09.2023 | Professionals | Reading-time: 2 min

Kramis introduces four-day working week

Altbüron - A four-day working week has been introduced for employees of the carpet designer Kramis. By shortening the working week, the craft business is seeking to improve work-life balance and increase the appeal of the company for skilled workers. Moreover, Kramis hopes this measure will lead to an improvement in production quality as well.

Headquartered in Altbüron in the canton of Lucerne, Kramis Teppich Design AG made the move to a four-day working week at the start of September, further details of which can be found in a LinkedIn post published by Tim Kramis, responsible for marketing and sales in the family business. In this, he sets out how this measure is designed to improve the quality of life of the company’s employees. An extended weekend from Friday through to Sunday, with pay kept at the same level, will allow staff to spend more time with their families and dedicate additional free time to pursuing hobbies and other passions.

Kramis also expects that the four-day working week will lead to a sharp decline in sickness rates, as employees will be more in balance both physically and mentally. In addition, the company hopes that the reduction in working hours will result in improved product quality, as well-rested and refreshed employees are able to work more attentively and efficiently.

«Skilled workers in the craft sector are increasingly thin on the ground and deserve to be appropriately recognized and rewarded», as Tim Kramis comments when discussing the improved work-life balance offered by the four-day week. «In order to attract quality applications for full-time positions these days, we have to position ourselves as an outstanding employer», he concludes.

Furthermore, Kramis hopes that this step will not least result in an advertising effect. Only a handful of craft businesses would even think about implementing a measure of this kind, so it stands to reason that the media could well be interested in the experiences gained from this.