17.12.2021 | Reading-time: 3 min

Lucerne named best International Business Location for 2022

Lucerne/London - Lucerne has been named as the winner of the World's Best International Business Location Award for 2022 by the London-based World Biz Magazine. The main reasons given by the jury for reaching this decision include low taxes, highly qualified specialists, exceptional transport connections and a high quality of life.

World Biz Magazine has announced Lucerne as the World's Best International Business Location for 2022. As detailed in a press release issued by the magazine for business executives, this “highly esteemed award” is presented to select locations that offer outstanding advantages for global companies.

The selection of the four finalists was made as part of a “highly selective process” that involved the evaluation of 50 city regions around the world. In the end, a jury comprising readers and members of the magazine’s editorial team decided in favor of Lucerne. Four main reasons were outlined by the magazine on its own website that explain the reasons behind Lucerne winning this award.

The first location advantage cited by the magazine centers on low rates of corporate taxation. Secondly, the jury praised a prosperous economic area with an international focus and highly qualified specialists. Moreover, Lucerne is easily accessible from the world’s most important economic hubs on account of its “excellent transport system and links”. Finally, Lucerne is Switzerland’s most popular city, offering a “unique” range of cultural and leisure activities, while the city also boasts a wealth of first-class infrastructure, healthcare and educational opportunities.

“This award will now put Lucerne on the radar of other exciting companies worldwide that are looking for a footprint in Europe, want to optimize their global supply chain or establish an R&D center”, explains Mathias Lischer, Head of FDI & Promotion at Lucerne Business, in the press release.