05.06.2023 | Life Sciences & Health | Reading-time: 2 min

Novocure to donate 3 million US dollars to cancer research

Root - Novocure, a biotechnology firm specializing in the field of oncology, has pledged support of 1 million US dollars per year for a period of three years to Conquer Cancer. This funding is to be used by the foundation operated by ASCO, a global professional organization for doctors and oncologists, to support cancer research and education.

Novocure, a biotechnology company based in Root in the canton of Lucerne, has pledged to support Conquer Cancer to the tune of 3 million US dollars in total over the next three years. According to a press release, this funding is to be used to support life-saving cancer research by the foundation of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), which operates on a global basis. The foundation’s purpose is to empower people to beat cancer.

Conquer Cancer is a global community of patients, doctors, researchers, caregivers and other stakeholders. According to the information in the press release, the foundation has raised more than 500 million US dollars to fund research, education and high-quality programs since 1984. Clifford A Hudis, CEO of ASCO and Executive Vice Chair of Conquer Cancer, explains in the press release how he is “grateful for Novocure’s multi-year support of cancer research and essential educational programs”, before adding that these will help to achieve “new advances and improve the care patients receive around the world”.

“We are very proud to support Conquer Cancer and ASCO in their vital work accelerating breakthroughs in cancer treatment”, comments Pritesh Shah, Chief Growth Officer at Novocure, in the press release. The company develops and commercializes an innovative, non-invasive treatment known as Tumor Treating Fields for some of the most aggressive tumor types. “This donation reflects our shared aspiration to make transformative progress in cancer care”, Shah adds.

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