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Opacc introduces the 5th software generation

Rothenburg - Opacc has totally redesigned the user interface of the enterprise software Opacc ERP following a development phase lasting several years and released this under the name Nytron. The new data science platform Opacc OXAS offers the necessary stability for this major project.

The software engineering firm Opacc has announced two new developments: During a period of several years under development, the company from the canton of Lucerne has completely redesigned the Opacc ERP user interface with its over 1 million lines of code. The major project was announced at the Opacc Connect conference in 2022 under the project name Better ERP Experience. According to a press release, this fifth generation of the ERP user interface will be released on April 1 under its new name of Nytron.

“The aim was to offer nothing other than a modern user experience based on leading online platforms away from the classic ERP operating paradigm”, Opacc writes in the press release, adding that the layout and design are geared towards users and not data models and technology. The overall result has already been given top marks by beta customers.

In this large-scale project, Opacc OXAS creates stability forming the digital backbone of the Opacc applications. This “mighty platform”, as the company itself describes it, for digital company resources offers the infrastructure required to evaluate OXAS data via external data science models and to return the results in a controlled manner.

Opacc OXAS has been available since the end of 2023, with the first end-2-end models having now been implemented. This involves analyzing customer behavior and recommending products. According to the information, customers are able to easily put them into operation of their own accord. With these two new releases, Opacc is “once again proving that Swiss software engineering competes internationally in the Champions League”, as the company states in the press release.

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