15.11.2023 | Innovation | Reading-time: 3 min

pilot project at Pilatusplatz in Lucerne

bio-familia, Guets us Obwalde and KNEUSS Güggeli are launching an innovative retail format in the city of Lucerne. In the coming weeks, various products from their own production will be offered for sale in a container without staff. Access is via smartphone, and the goods are scanned and paid for digitally.

The long unused brownfield site in the middle of the city of Lucerne has recently been revitalized by an innovative interim use. The Lucerne-based companies Digitalrat, screenFOODnet and Storeconcept from Hägendorf have launched the pilot project for Swiss brands and manufacturers and are supporting it with their expertise. For a limited period, they are offering various brands and manufacturers a unique platform with the container and the corresponding technology. The partners involved are united by the desire to try out innovations in real life, learn from these processes and potentially develop new business models from them. "The key to adapting to the digital transformation lies in the willingness to constantly learn and innovate. Whereby learning also means making mistakes and failing," explains Kevin Klak from the Digital Council consulting network.

Traditional Swiss companies
The first partners to tackle a trial project are bio familia, Guets us Obwalde and KNEUSS Güggeli. The well-known products from their own production will be sold and, in addition to third-party products, products specially developed for this sales channel will also be available. With the pilot project at Pilatusplatz, the SME is breaking new, uncharted ground.

Access, self-scanning and payment with your own smartphone
Customers open the container via a QR code on the door using their own smartphone. The products are scanned with the website accessed via the cell phone camera and paid for directly on the smartphone using Twint, Postcard, Apple Pay or credit card. No app download or multi-stage registration is required. All that is required is verification of the payment method before the first visit. "The future of retail is digital, interactive and customer-oriented," says Pierre Farine, who developed the innovative FAST aXs software. This modern software has a modular structure and is already in use today. In addition, it can be used regardless of the form factor of a container, i.e. also in an existing store, a refrigerator or similar.

Official opening ceremony: Friday, 24.11.2023