31.01.2024 | Innovation | Reading-time: 3 min

SAT.1 Switzerland follows three startups

Horw/Rotkreuz/Erstfeld - The six-part television program “Startup Zünder – Abenteuer Selbstständigkeit” (Startup Zünder – the self-employment adventure) on the SAT.1 Switzerland channel offers a glimpse behind the doors of three startups. The founders of IRISgo, Alligator and Mister Beam give personal insights into how their lives look now.

SAT.1 Switzerland has followed three different startups over several months: IRISgo, Alligator and Mister Beam. The six-part TV series «Startup Zünder – Abenteuer Selbstständigkeit» (Startup Zünder – the self-employment adventure) shows what lies behind the innovative business models, what issues the founders face after the initial excitement wears off, and how their lives change. The program will be shown on television from February 2.

Three flatmates and friends, Fabian Christmann, Manuel Laurice Borer and Lukas Brockhoff, have been working on IRISgo, based in Horw in the canton of Lucerne, round the clock since founding the company in 2021. Together, they came up with the idea of a thermal cup with a unique closure mechanism. In the program they explain what this has to do with date rape drugs and James Bond and reveal what business situation gives them sleepless nights. As co-CEO Borer explains in a press release, the team is «excited about this opportunity to tell our story and give an insight into our lifestyle and vision.» 

With his startup Alligator, which was also established in 2021 and is located in Rotkreuz in the canton of Zug, Michael Schacher aims to automate and network the energy connection between tractor and trailer. The company says this solution is unique worldwide. It is currently carrying out the pilot project and industrial production is set to begin in 2025 or 2026. Schacher discusses how establishing the business has impacted his family life.

Mister Beam was founded by Isabelle and Urs Tresch in Erstfeld, in the canton of Uri, in 2022. Their company enables the floor plan of a house, shop or restaurant to be projected onto the floor of a hall on a 1:1 scale. This brings spaces and processes to life before construction work begins. The couple have been married for 12 years and have three children. In the film they explain how they organize themselves.