14.11.2023 | Professionals, Innovation | Reading-time: 2 min

The web platform «Work in Lucerne» is launched for skilled employees in the canton of Lucerne

Lucerne - The new website «workinlucerne.com» is launched today. Its aim is to attract workers and specialists from Switzerland and abroad to the Lucerne economic region. The website meets a current need of Lucerne companies and sectors that are confronted with the challenge of unfilled vacancies.

Lucerne is an attractive place to live and work 
The website aims to convince skilled workers to choose the canton of Lucerne as their new place to live and work with informative content on the topics of work, living and leisure as well as an appealing visual language. Ultimately, the website will support the efforts of Lucerne companies to fill their vacancies. 

Other economic areas face similar challenges. Competition for jobs and skilled workers has intensified and demographics are likely to further exacerbate the shortage of skilled workers. The Lucerne economic region therefore wants to position itself more actively and visibly as an attractive place to work and live with «Work in Lucerne». 

Lucerne companies are at the origin of the joint initiative 
«Work in Lucerne» is intended to provide Lucerne companies with a complementary tool. «In addition to marketing Lucerne as a business location, we believe it is important to focus on Lucerne as an attractive place to live and work. We are happy about every vacancy that can be filled,» says Ivan Buck, Director of Lucerne Business.

Raymond Hunziker, Head of Gastronomy at the SGV subsidiary Tavolago, was one of the initiators of the project and has been involved from the very beginning. As President of Lucerne Hotels, he is familiar with the current challenges in the industry. «Work in Lucerne will bring new employees to the Lucerne region. This will enable us to continue to welcome and inspire many guests in the future.» He is convinced that destination marketing is becoming increasingly important in the competition for skilled workers. 

Verkehrsbetriebe Luzern is also challenged by the shortage of skilled workers. CEO Laurent Roux sees the joint presence as an opportunity to give skilled workers from Switzerland and abroad easy access to attractive jobs in Lucerne.  

Every Lucerne company can use «Work in Lucerne» for its own purposes. The helpful information can, for example, support the recruitment process. Lucerne companies can also use the new web platform to carry out company-specific online campaigns. Ultimately, it is then up to the companies to attract the targeted specialists.