06.09.2023 | Innovation | Reading-time: 2 min

Unica produces exclusive espresso machine

Kriens/Horw - Lucerne-based start-up Unica believes its espresso machine unica pro makes the best coffee in the world, and has convinced experts of this claim. Sales are still low, which is partly attributable to the high price of the machine.

Start-up Unica is convinced that its unica pro is the best espresso machine in the world. And according to a portrait of the company (which was founded in Kriens/Horw in 2019) by the Luzerner Zeitung newspaper, experts have affirmed this claim. Basel’s Swiss Coffee Champion 2023, Dario Prieber, personally uses a unica pro, while Swiss coffee magazine «Crema» has enthused about the machine's «outstanding espresso» and issued the following judgment following a test: «It doesn’t get much better than this!» 

The start-up explains on its website that it has «rethought the espresso machine from the ground up,» left old methods behind, «and developed a unique machine.» Weighing 25 kilograms, the innovative, compact single-group espresso machine enables the user to precisely control the amount of water that flows through the coffee puck, regardless of back pressure, meaning they can «change the flavor of the espresso as desired» and «bring out more subtle flavors».

The machine heats up very quickly once it is turned on: hot water is ready in just four seconds. Exact volumetric dosing allows the user to precisely set the water amount for coffee extraction. And the company says it has produced the most energy-efficient professional espresso machine.

The newspaper article describes unica pro as the «Rolls Royce of coffee machines». It has not yet reached a wider audience, partly due to its high price: it can be purchased for 7,500 Swiss francs. It is available from selected specialist dealers in the DACH region, where the company says four machines are sold every month. It hopes to increase this figure to 100 per month over the next year. Unica will be presenting its machine at the Swiss Coffee Festival  in Zurich from October 6 to 8.