08.09.2023 | Reading-time: 2 min

Veriset revives kitchen exhibition

Root - The kitchen manufacturer Veriset has completed construction work on its new kitchen exhibition at its headquarters and production site in Root in the canton of Lucerne after six months. This included renewing the infrastructure. Employees have also gained new office spaces.

Veriset AG has invested in its kitchen exhibition at its headquarters in Root. After six months of construction time, it has now been renewed in representative areas. The infrastructure is said to have reached its limits since the last large renovation in 2010 according to a press release. Besides modernization, the aim was also to freshen up the showroom kitchens. Now, the exhibition has an airier feel and appears larger.

At the same time, several new functions were presented. This includes an innovative appliance wall for Veriset, where new built-in appliances can be exchanged rapidly and easily and a storage space with a utility room that «is cleverly hidden behind a cupboard door, as is common nowadays.»

Products from the company’s two partners Cozza Plättli and Textilwerke are also available. According to the information provided, Veriset has created attractive workspaces for its employees with new, modern offices.

The three kitchen specialists have two consultation areas with numerous sample materials and a large computer screen for visualization and planning. According to Veriset, both the simple kitchens for rental properties and the luxurious black kitchen with island were considered for the showroom kitchens. A virtual tour and images give a first impression.

Veriset AG