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Natural beauty, local resources, and cultural life

Aurora Swiss Aerospace is a subsidiary of U.S. company Aurora Flight Sciences, a leading innovator in the field of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).  Since 2017, both the U.S. and Swiss arms of Aurora are subsidiaries of the Boeing Company.  Aurora has been developing UAS systems and "drone" technology since 1989, and opened Aurora Swiss Aerospace as a European business development and engineering office in 2013.  The Luzern engineering team of Aurora Swiss Aerospace is working on the development of large solar-powered unmanned aircraft and electric-powered aircraft, amongst other projects.

«Luzern is a great location for us. The combination of natural beauty, local resources, and cultural life helps us attract and retain the top talent we need. As a relatively small company, the assistance from Luzern Business in getting started was of great help.»


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Tim Dawson-Townsend
Managing Director
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