WvT Switzerland GmbH

About WvT Switzerland GmbH

WvT provides corporate legal and tax services across three jurisdictions: Switzerland, Luxembourg and The Netherlands. Our work covers cross-border reorganizations, mergers, migrations, inversions, divestitures and similar transactions. In addition, we have substantial experience in the establishment and operation of international holding, licensing, finance and operating companies. Our attorneys and tax advisors work across multiple offices and disciplines. Being admitted in different countries enables them to be more efficient in dealing with cross border issues. They have in-depth knowledge and expertise in a variety of areas, from international taxation and tax compliance to corporate restructuring. However, we do not measure our services by the depth of our intellectual capabilities alone. Other factors come into play, like the way in which we deliver our services to our clients. And perhaps crucially, the speed in which they are delivered. We embrace the latest technology and innovations to deliver our services in the most efficient way.

WvT Switzerland GmbH

Neuhofstrasse 12
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