Carrier Innovation Technologies GmbH

Global market leader for intelligent climate and energy solutions

Carrier Global Corporation, global leader in intelligent climate and energy solutions, is committed to creating solutions that matter for people and our planet for generations to come. From the beginning, we've led in inventing new technologies and entirely new industries. Today, we continue to lead because we have a world-class, diverse workforce that puts the customer at the center of everything we do.

The strategic innovation and technology location in Lucerne will centralize the global management and prioritization of research and development investments, centralize operational functions that will support Carrier’s aftermarket growth globally, and enable Carrier to partner with local universities to develop and test innovative new technologies.

For more information, visit corporate.carrier.com or follow Carrier on social media at @Carrier.

Carrier Innovation Technologies GmbH

Am Mattenhof 2d
6010 Kriens


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