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Geistlich Pharma AG

The Regeneration Expert

Geistlich develops, produces and markets medical products for the restoration of bone, cartilage and soft tissue as well as pharmaceuticals. The Swiss company with its Dental Regeneration and Regenerative Technologies divisions is located in Wolhusen and Root.

The company has been family-owned since 1851 and is part of the Geistlich Group. With 13 subsidiaries and 60 distributors, Geistlich has a worldwide distribution network and reaches 90 markets. Around 800 employees are committed to the continuously growing company.

In the field of regenerative dentistry, the company has been a world market leader for many years.

Geistlich Pharma AG

Bahnhofstrasse 40
6110 Wolhusen
Phone +41 41 492 55 55

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